Empowering Neurodivergent Adults to Save Their Relationships Using Strategies Backed by Research.

Lianna Purjes, MSEd, MSW, LCSW

Relationships are hard work.

We all know that. The majority of our entertainment (love songs, movies, jokes) are based on that exact reality.  

The issues in a relationship get amplified when people have different ways of thinking, communicating, and perceiving the world around them.  

I see this EVERY DAY in my work with neurodiverse couples. Whether you’re both autistic, have ADHD, or have different neurotypes, it can feel like you’re speaking completely different languages.


And I see it in my own marriage too. Sometimes I feel like I’m talking about apples, and he’s talking about robot elephants wearing polka dot hats. 🙄  

This often leads to you both feeling disconnected from each other, tons of arguments that do nothing but make you feel like crap, and a substantial slump in your sex life.


A lot of people start thinking, “maybe we just shouldn’t be together…”  

So you try reading some books, listening to podcasts, and maybe even couples therapy. But, nothing seems to do the trick. The books and podcasts give you some ideas that fail, and the couples therapist doesn’t get you at all, using flowery language that doesn’t make any sense.  

And all the spiritual, “holistic” stuff you find online doesn’t sit well with you. You don’t want to talk about your astrological sign, the “universe,” fate, or this “manifestation” nonsense, you just want practical strategies that work for real people!  

The good news is that you ABSOLUTELY can use evidence based strategies to get your relationship back on track!   I know it can feel overwhelming trying to figure out how to save your relationship.  

Let Me Guess...

Right Now You...

  • Feel like you have no control of your emotions and reactions

  • Feel completely misunderstood and alone

  • Desperately need some alone time to decompress but your partner hates it

  • Can’t seem to do/say the right thing with your partner, no matter how hard you try

  • Feel like you're just roommates who fight all the time and never have fun together

  • Need a solution now so you don't split up

You Want To...

  • Recognize when you start to feel something and know how to handle it

  • Feel seen, heard, and valued by your partner

  • Know you can take time alone to do what you need to recharge

  • Have the language and confidence to communicate effectively with your partner

  • Feel connected and get back your emotional and physical intimacy

  • Save the relationship and feel in love again

So, I bet you’re wondering: “Yes, but HOW?!?!?”

This is completely doable through coaching!

I know…there are a TON of coaches out there promising all sorts of things.

Here’s what’s different about me:

  • I’ve been through this myself and came out the other side

  • I have masters degrees in education and social work and have worked as a therapist and teacher- so I know what I’m teaching and how to teach it well

  • I LOATHE shitty self-help “coaches/courses” that just give you fluff and take your money! So you won’t get that from me!

  • I teach actual, concrete skills and content in an engaging way (I hate boring lessons!)

  • I won’t lie to you and tell you that you’ll have sunshine and rainbows coming out of your ass all the time because that isn’t real life, but I WILL give you the tools you need to manage the crappy moments in healthy ways

  • There’s no woo-woo bullshit in my world. Everything I teach you is evidence based and has worked for me personally and for HUNDREDS of clients!

  • I can promise you this: the work can be hard at times, but it is ABSOLUTELY WORTH IT!

Hi, I'm Lianna!

By combining my knowledge from being a licensed therapist with my experiences navigating relationships as an ADHD’er, I’ve been able to bridge the communication gap with my spouse and save my relationship! It feels incredible to finally be able to be both in love and best friends with my husband and to help hundreds of my clients do the same!

AND I’ve come up with a comprehensive road map for you to do the same without spending years in therapy or throwing in the towel all together.

Are you ready to finally break the cycle of non-stop arguments and save your relationship from extinction?

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